Table of Contents (pdf)

TITLE 1 General Provision
Chapter 100 General Provisions and Definitions
Chapter 101 Establishing Fees and Charges
Ordinance 2013-04 An Ordinance Amending Section 101.02 of the Dundas City Code Adopting Fees and Charges Exhibit A Fees and Charges (pdf)
Chapter 102 Funds in City Treasury and Payments Therefrom

TITLE 3 Administration
Chapter 300 City Council - General Provisions
Ordinance 2010-09 An Ordinance Amending Section 300.01 Relating to Regular Meetings of the Dundas City Council (approved 12.27.10)
Ordinance 2010-04 An Ordianance Establishing a Four-Year Term for the Office of Mayor (approved 6.29.10)
Chapter 301 Planning Commission
Chapter 302 Police and Fire Departments
Chapter 303 Emergency Management
Chapter 304 Park and Recreation Advisory Board
Chapter 305 City Clerk-Treasurer
Chapter 306 Adopting hte MN State Building Code

TITLE 5 Public Works (pdf)
Chapter 500 Garbage and Rubbish
Chapter 501 Sewer Regulations
Chapter 502 Water Regulations
Ordinance 2010-02: An Ordinance Adding Section 502.36 to the Dundas City Code Relating to a Lawn Sprinkling/Irrigation Ban (approved 4.26.10)
Ordinance 2007-16: An Ordinance Amending 502.06 of the Dundas City Code Relating to the Use of Private Water Wells (approved 12.10.07)
Chapter 503 Excel Energy Utility Systems
Orinance 2013-01: An Ordinance Granting to Northern States Power Company, a Minnesota Corporation, D/B/A Xcel Energy its Successors and Assigns, Permission to Construct, Operate, Repair and Maintain in the City of Dundas, Minnesota, an Electric Distribution System and Transmission Lines, including Necessary poles, Lines, Fixtures, and Appurtenances, for the Furnishing of Electric Energy to the City, its Inhabitants, and Others, and to use the Public Grounds and Public Ways of the City for Such Purposes (pdf)
Ordinance 2013-02 : An Ordinance Granting to Northern States Power Company, a Minnesota Corporation, D/B/A Xcel Energy Its Successors and Assigns, Permission to Erect a Gas Distribution System for the Purposes of Constructing, Operating, Repairing and Maintaining in the City of Dundas, Minnesota, the Necessary Gas Pipes, Mains and Appurtenances for the Transmission or Distribution of Gas to the City and its Inhabitants and Others and Transmitting Gas into and through the City and to Use the Public Grounds and Public Ways of the City for Such Purposes (pdf)
Chapter 504 Storm Water Utility
Ordinance 2014-01: An Ordinance Amending Dundas City CodeTitle 5, Public Works, to Add Chapter 504 Storm Water Utility (pdf)

TITLE 7 Traffic Code (pdf)
Chapter 700 Traffic and Parade Regulations
Chapter 701 Parking Regulations
Chapter 702 Snowmobiles
Chapter 703 All Terrain Vehicles Regulations
Chapter 704 Bicycle Regulations
Chapter 705 Motorized Golf Cart and ATV Regulations
Ordinance 2010-07 An Ordinance Amending Regulating All-Terrain Vehicles and Motorized Golf Carts (approved 8.30.10)

TITLE 9 General Regulations
Chapter 900 Abandoned Property
Chapter 901 Animals
Chapter 902 Health and Safety Nuisances
Chapter 903 Street and Sidewalks
Chapter 904 Providing for the Care of Trees and Shrubs
Chapter 905 Cleanup of Clandestine Drug Lab Sites and Chemical Dumpsters

TITLE 11 Business Regulations (pdf)
Chapter 1100 General Licensing Provisions
Chapter 1101 Commercial Amusements
Chapter 1102 Liquor Regulations
Ordinance 2011-02 An Ordinance Regulating Alcoholic Beverages (approved 8.22.11)
Chapter 1103 Peddlers and Solicitors
Chapter 1104 Tattoo and Body Piercing Services
Chapter 1105 Tobacco Regulations
Chapter 1106 Regulating the Filling of Land
Chapter 1107 Regulating the Excavation, Digging and Maintaining of Open Pits and Excavations
Chapter 1108 Minimum Housing Standards Code
Chapter 1109 Regulating the Moving of Buildings
Chapter 1110 State Building Codes Adopted by Reference
Chapter 1111 Regulating the Conduct of Gambling

TITLE 13 General Offenses (pdf)
Chapter 1300 Damage to Property; Graffiti
Chapter 1301 Discharge of Firearms
Chapter 1302 Curfew for Minors

TITLE 15 Zoning/Subdivisions/Land Use
Chapter 1500 Zoning and Subdivision Control Regulations
Table of Contents (pdf)
Section 1 Title (pdf)
Section 2 Definitions (pdf)
Section 3 Site and Building Plan (pdf)
Section 4 General Building and Performance Requirements (pdf)
Section 5 General Districts Provisions (pdf)
Section 5.5 “NRSF” Natural Resource Single Family Residential District (pdf)
Section 5.6 “LDSF” Low Density Single Family Residential District (pdf)
Section 6 “R-S” Rural Service Overlay District (pdf)
Section 7 “R-1” Single Family Residential District (pdf)
Section 8 “R-2” Two Family and Townhouse Residential District (pdf)
Section 9 "HSD" Hester Street District (pdf)
Section 10 “R-3” Multiple Family Residential District (pdf)
Section 11 “P-OS” Public-Open Space District (pdf)
Section 12 “B-1” Downtown Business District (pdf)
Section 13 “B-2” Highway Commercial Business (pdf)
Section 14 “L-1” Limited Industrial District (pdf)
Section 15 “G-1” General Industrial District (pdf)
Section 16 “PUD” Planned Unit Development Overlay District (pdf)
Section 17 Cannon Recreational River District Overlay (pdf)
Section 18 Flood Plain Overlay District (pdf)
Section 19 Bluff Protection Overlay District (pdf)
Section 20 Administration - Amendments, Conditional Use Permit, Variances, and Appeals,
and NonConforming Uses
Section 21 Administration – Certification of Occupancy (pdf)
Section 22 Enforcements and Penalties (pdf)
Section 23 Reserved for Future Expansion (pdf)
Section 24 Design Guidelines for Large Commercial and Retail Developments (pdf)
Section 25 Tree Preservation and Management Practices (pdf)
Section 26 Wetland Protection Overlay District (pdf)
Section 27 Signs (pdf)
Section 28 "ARD" Annexation Reservice District (pdf)
Section 29 Reserved (pdf)
Section 30 Subdivision Regulation (Platting) (pdf)

Chapter 1501 Reserved for Future Use
Chapter 1502 Use of Dundas City Park Lands (pdf)
Chapter 1503 Reserved for Future Use (pdf)
Chapter 1504 Reserved for Future Use (pdf)

Current Zoning Map (pdf)

Index (pdf)



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